A Little About Me

I’ve always wanted everything that I do in life to have a positive effect. Can I help someone, can I make someone smile, can I share my love? This thought extended to products 
I purchase for myself and my home. Every time I purchased something I asked is this seller doing something good? I was always in search of vegan products that showed my beliefs and helped Farm Animal sanctuaries. I never found anything just quite right. So I decided to create a line of vegan accessories and art that 100% of profits goes towards helping to support nonprofits. Every quarter I donate the profits to a different Farm Animal Sanctuary. Every product decision I make is always taking into account being environmentally responsible. From only using Certified Organic Fabrics to being sure I source my materials sustainably. I view my creating and my output into this world with my values. I try to package my items with as close to zero waste as possible, all my designs are created with minimalism in mind. The main goal in my designs is to be durable enough to last for a long time, and functional in all aspects so it is enjoyable to use. All images are hand created then printed on organic fabric making each piece a little work of art you can carry around and hopefully they will inspire compassion for animals. 

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